Web Filtering

WebRoam Deep Packet Inspection (Application Control) can be augmented with URL category-based filtering for HTTP traffic. The WebRoam UTM Web filtering UTM module can block access to (HTTP) websites based on IP address or URL. URL filtering is classified into two types: category-based URL filtering and user-defined URL filtering.

  • Category-based URL filtering: Enables the device to send a request to integrated web filtering engine for identifying the category of the receiving HTTP request. With the result, the device takes the action defined for the category on the HTTP request.
  • User-defined URL filtering: Identifies HTTP requests by user–defined matching criteria for domain names and Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) paths, and takes the actions on the matching requests.

If both user-defined filtering and URL-based filtering are enabled, the device compares the URL against the user-defined URL filtering rules first. If no match is found, the device continues to match the URL against the category-based URL filtering rules. You can filtered all URLs and allow only whitelist URLs.

URL filtering can implement time-based access control to the Internet by defining Access Policy rule of Policy Management. For example, you can configure filtering rules for different time ranges to define that employees can access sports websites after work or at lunch time but cannot do so during work time.

The WebRoam UTM Web filtering provides optimized web security through full integration in the gateway. Integration of policy enforcement with Application Control means enhanced Web and Web 2.0 protection.