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While IT security threats continue to evolve, organizations are facing shrinking budgets, competing priorities and more complex environments. Liabilities associated with inadequate security management are becoming more severe, ranging from costly downtime to penalties for regulatory noncompliance. Today's enterprise needs its managed security service to deliver a higher level of protection at a significantly lower cost.

Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Multi-homing, SSL VPN, Content Filter

WebRoam UTM is a feature-rich unified threat management (UTM) system equipped with multiple security features, helping companies deal effectively with evolving network threats.

WebRoam devices include security mechanisms such as: firewall, IPsec, VPN, SSL VPN, Anti-virus, IPS, URL content filtering, QoS, Bandwidth management, multi-link load balancing, anti-spam, User accounting etc., making it the best network security choice for any company network.With the spectacular growth of the Internet and online access, companies that do business on the Internet face greater security threats.

Webroam provides integrated security solutions for every size, customer from global carriers to small businesses. We protect organizations in every industry, and almost every country around the globe. Our global customers expose our products to a wide range of networking environments and deployment situations, and our products deliver industry-leading protection and performance in the most demanding environments. Unified threat management devices continue to be in high demand and are the predominate security appliance that customers need for their security.

Webroam's appliance-based platforms provide complete network security, policy enforcement, and QoS management solutions for service providers, large enterprises and telecommunications providers. Native support for high-density Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10-GbE interfaces provides tremendous flexibility and throughput scalability. Consolidated security technologies and support for virtual domains are ideal for high-speed security gateways, managed security services, and complex multi-tenant deployments.

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