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Receive a Complimentary Application and Risk Analysis of Your Network! Your network is a complex set of interactions between applications, users and content. It is also at risk from sophisticated threats such as APTs, botnets and advanced malware. To manage the complexities and block the threats requires greater visibility and performance than traditional network firewalls can provide.

A Webroam Network Security Platform deployed as a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) can give you unprecedented insight into both application and threat behavior without compromising performance or adding latency. See which applications are traversing your network, which users are accessing those applications, how much bandwidth they are consuming and the potential risks they pose. You'll also prevent many sophisticated attacks with Webroam's advanced threat protection.

Most importantly, you can translate this information immediately into action with FortiGate's granular control over applications, users and content. You can apply policies to individual functions in an application, entire classes of apps, individual users or groups.

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